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Dollremi 成立於2016年9月,店主本業是做出口時裝批發的製衣廠,經泉學園店主推介所以決定做娃娃衣服試試看。 我們會仔細測試和清洗面料,以保護您的玩偶不受污染。 感謝gloria 的介紹,雖然做洋娃娃衣服不像我想像的那麼容易,但它教會了我很多,開闊了我的視野。 我們希望我們能變得越來越好~ ♥️😊 我們將為我們的粉絲和娃娃社區努力工作。 感謝您對我們娃娃服裝的支持~ 🎊 Dollremi Online Shop was established September 2016. Originally creating fashion for people. After the recommendation of a friend Gloria; we decided to try out doll clothes. We carefully test fabrics, pre-wash and line any dark items to protect your dolls from staining. Although making doll clothes is not as easy as I imagined, it has taught me a lot and broadened my horizons. We hope we can get better and better ~♥️😊 We will work hard for our fans and doll community. Thank you for the world wide support of our doll clothes company~💕 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 以下是我們的娃衣代理店,會有些現貨會在她們的店舖售賣呢~😊 Here is our doll clothing distributor, and they also sell some ready-made items in their store.❤️ 香港 Hong Kong:泉學園 台灣 Taiwan:台北:Monjoujou娃衣服飾 台中:DOLL'S VILLA 高雄:偶夢買買買 馬來西亞 Malaysia:Roselyn's Chateau 日本 Japan:Jessie Li 美國 USA:Rose 韓國 South Korea:Blue Bower 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 Welcome our friend's brand to our webstore! 【Mascotte】【玖洛Kurose 】【MG2Plus】 【ShiNes Workshop】【Eyemazing!】 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 如果您想訂購缺貨的商品,請隨時與我們聯絡,謝謝。 If you wish to order out of stock items, please feel free to contact us, thanks. 😊❤️